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Our Company

Recep Can Dried Fruits Co. Ltd. was established by Mr. Recep Can and his brothers in 1975 in Izmir, Turkey. Starting with a humble shop in Havra Street, the hearth of Izmir Trade, Can Brothers achieved a huge success in a short period of time. In the early 90's with the Izmir Food Center becoming the new focus of Izmir Trade, Recep Can moved its center to this new trade center. With this strategic move Recep Can Dried Fruits secured its position as one of the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of dried fruits and snack fruits. Expanding their business day by day, Recep Can® Dried Fruits have become one of the most happening dried fruits brands of today.

Company completed the construction of its latest facility in the year of 2005 for the processing and packing of Recep Can
® Brand dried fruits and snacks products. Now,  Recep Can® Dried Fruits products are being meticulously processed and packed with the state-of-the-art machinery in its Factory, located in Torbali Town (near to Izmir ). With the newly purchased machinery the company is to start small packing soon, therefore becoming one of the leading players in the small packing segment.


Our company has not become what it is now by fallowing vigorous marketing tactics. We always put quality first. Our struggle to provide satisfaction to our customers has paved the way for success. Therefore, we are adamant to improve our quality continuously and serve our customers the best taste in the years to come.

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