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Turkish Delights Jellies

Dried Fruits & Nuts



Pistachios are rich of oil acids, proteins, vitamins and phoshor. It is an ideal nut for both cakes and confectionaries and also as snack food.

Siirt Nuts.
Siirt nuts are a variety of pistacios. It has large seeds, with high cracked shell rate. Therefore its ideal for consuming as a snack






Almond Kernels
Almond kernels are rich of protein and carbonhydrates. In addition its a depot for phosphor and calcium.

Walnut Kernels

Walnuts are really amazing nuts in terms of useful health features let alone the taste. We supply great quality walnut kernels.







Turkey is the biggest manufacturer of hazelnuts. We supply quality hazelnuts in various sizes as raw or roasted.


Roasted Chickpeas
We supply roasted chickpeas. Yellow, white, salted and plain chickpeas are among our range.


Mixed Nuts
Our mixture is a nice and balanced formula of delcious nuts such as almond, chick peas, peanuts,hazelnuts and more.


Pine Nuts
We supply famous turkish pine nuts from Bergama region.



Candied Chick Peas
Not only the favourite snacks of kids, but also the lovely delicacy of the elders.



Turkish Delights   Jellies

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